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I am a believer of the most high God, the Father and Creator of us all. I am Mother to three beautiful and intelligent beings. I am a naturally curious thinker. I love stories and conversation. Those things combined are what led to me starting Dee Juxtaposition. 

This blog is not just a hobby for me. It is more than putting pencil to paper (typing). It is something I have had a desire to do for a long while. However, doubt and a procrastinating spirit prohibited me from doing this years ago. While I had a plan and ideas to start, I failed to follow through. This is not a one on - one off thing for me. 

Dee Juxtaposition is more than a blog about nothing. It is about my life, my achievements, and my ambitions. It is me sharing personal stories, perspectives, and opinions of all things: music, entertainment, current world events, fashion, travel, food, and more. 

I hope you find positive reflection and inspiration in the content as you enjoy Dee Juxtaposition.

Other Things

Christian Brothers University Alumni

Public Safety Professional

Emergency Number Professional

Emergency Communications Manager

West Memphis Blue Devil

Junior League Memphis Member

Bluff City Toastmaster


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