I am a believer of the most high God, the Father and Creator of us all. I am Mother to three beautiful and intelligent beings. I am a naturally curious thinker. I love stories and conversation. Those things combined are what lead to me starting Dee Juxtaposition. 

This blog is not just a hobby for me. It is more than putting pencil to paper (typing). Blogging is a passion. It is something I have had a desire to do for a long while. However, doubt and a procrastinating spirit prohibited me from doing this years ago. While I had a plan and ideas to start, I failed to follow through. This is not a one on - one off thing for me. 

Dee Juxtaposition is more than a blog about nothing. It is about my life, my achievements, and my ambitions. It is me sharing personal stories, perspectives, and opinions of all things: music, entertainment, current world events, fashion, travel, food, and more. 

I hope you find positive reflection and inspiration in the content as you enjoy Dee Juxtaposition.

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