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Come on skinfolk

The Daily Memphian published an article under the title Opinion: MPD makes 98% of arrest 'without incident', written by Dee Juxtaposition member Erica May. The article has been shared and viewed hundreds, maybe thousands, of times via the internet. I read the article for myself. I found it to be well written and engaging. The juxtaposition of opinions and statistics provided sufficient detail for the purpose of provoking readers to think for themselves. The reader was given a clear glimpse of Erica's perspective and her stance on the views of Memphis police and their arrests made without incident (black men primarily). I visited a Facebook page where a not so pleasant post referenced the article and the character of the author; the page of a black woman. What followed were rude and offensive comments made by black people. I have also heard of conversations boasting negative remarks and criticism by black people.

My first question: Why? Why have a lack of compassion for someone verbalizing their opinion? Why attempt to tear down the voice of a black woman? Aren't black people getting enough of that? What is wrong with being a strong black woman who can think for herself and relay those thoughts clearly and effectively? Erica's comments were conservative in nature, poignant, and relatable. While I am not in 100% agreement with all of the article, I was able to empathize and understand the points of view being made. There was and is no need to disregard her opinions, nor to attack her character.

Now more than ever, as black people, it is time to stick together. It is time to agree to disagree and stand united in our fight against those who go against us. Black people have been mistreated and abused long enough. I believe in the fair treatment and justice for my people and all people. Black people have been at a disadvantage for centuries. We now have opportunities to be heard. We have a multitude of platforms to speak and share our experiences and ideals with a variety of people. Let's use them for positive, not to tear down the next black person. We all have different identities, experiences, and values that allow us to see things from different points of view. Let's use them to come together and form partnerships and relationships that will grow and nurture our people. We have to lead by example and lay the foundation for OUR children's children to flourish.

It is important that we find our voice and share with others who look like us in an effort to understand our differences and effectively engage in doing what it takes to be recognized as intelligent beings capable of standing together and fighting for what is right. The negative Facebook posts, comments, and conversations referencing the article and Erica were highly unnecessary. They were a clear sign of narrow mindedness and adult bullying. Erica is an educated black woman. I respect her opinions and enjoy her ability to speak freely and unafraid. We all have opinions about everything. Instead of going with the messy folks, think for yourself. Erica is using her platform and speaking her truth. What are you doing with yours?

Leave a comment with your thoughts/perspectives on this post.

Here's a link to the aforementioned article: For more of her writings, visit the link posted on my homepage.

Side note: I do not condone police brutality nor the disparate treatment of my skinfolk. I am proud of my blackness. I am not a fan of ignorance. I will never let anyone's hate and negativity stop me from being my best self. I am not perfect, but I am a person who cries and prays and seek to be better. I believe in the gospel of Matthew 26:52; for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword and Job 36:12 - But if they obey not, they shall perish by the sword, and they shall die without knowledge. (I urge you to read the text for your own understanding Job 36:9-15)

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Aug 03, 2020

Erica, you need no one to take up for you. I stand with you. #MyJuxtaposition


Erica May
Erica May
Aug 02, 2020

How cool , you taking up for me . I really like those scripture references you used. I think it's very well written , but of course I am biased.

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