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Time for a Reset

When was the last time you analyzed your time? It's 2024. A whole other year with a whole other set of issues.

Don't let the little things turn into big things. Turn them into stepping stones. They can be the path to something new and fresh. Those issues just might be what you need to get yourself in the game to win.

What am I ragging about, let me get to it. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How much time do I spend complaining about something I will do nothing about?

  2. How long will I sit in a chair or lay in bed contemplating my next move?

  3. How much time do I devote to my mental health?

  4. Have I set any personal goals for the week, month, or year?

  5. How many pages of that book have I read?

  6. How many times have I written in that overpriced journal?

  7. How many times have I wrote a to-do list and did nothing?

  8. How much of my attention did I give to gossiping this week?

  9. How much junk food have I eaten?

  10. How much money did I spend eating out this week or this month?

  11. How many times have I thoroughly checked my bank ?

  12. How much energy have I dedicated to do something that requires me to think about me and me only?

Now, take your time and really consider these questions. Next, write the answers in full sentence form in that fancy, overpriced journal. Write the date, your start time and the end time on the page. Once you have written your answers to each question, you will have completed at least 5 items from the list above - 1, 2, 3, 6, and 12. Yay! Your first break at self-productivity.

Now that you have completed 1-12 for today, do it again and again. Repeat the process. Reflect back to your journal at least once a month and answer these questions again. If you do this weekly, I believe it will lead to a habit, which could lead to productivity and positivity - two goals in themselves. (#4)

We have to get back to us. We must make ourselves the priority, not part of the majority (you know who they are). Get rid of the negativity and complaining. Let go of the procrastination and stagnation. You got this.

RESET! Choose progress. Choose growth. Give yourself time for positive change. Give yourself a better version of YOU!

Much Love, Light, & Wealth.

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