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One-Track Mind

It's been several months since I've given my full attention to my blog. This was supposed to be a monthly recurring thing. I told myself to not waste my money on anything that I was not going to use. Well, I am not. Five months isn't that long ...

I have been a little preoccupied, not on-track minded. Some may say busy. Some may say wasteful with my time or having a lack of time management. My response to either of these would be "you are wrong. I have been focused and selfishly so."

Now, 'what have I been focusing on' is the question. For starters, I have completed a six-months long certification course. Not only was there 6 months of virtual learning, but a 2 weeks, in-person capstone course in Daytona, Florida. I rocked it! It was one of the most beneficial courses/certifications I have received in my entire public-safety career. I am truly grateful for the professional and private lessons learned, the personal experiences shared, and for my colleagues (turned friends) who were a part of the course — including those behind the scenes. I will not take my certification lightly. I have put it to good use these past few weeks and will continue to do so as I progress in my career.

Secondly, and this is parallel to the next subject, but this is my story and it makes sense to me, I have been stressing, reflecting, and digressing. I have been inside my own head too much — thinking about other people, purpose, principles and values, progression and the lack there of, problems and other folks problems. Why? Because I am human that's why. It's not that I dwell on these things, it's just that I think of them. Other people and what they do or don't do creep into my thoughts and sometimes conversations. I don't always easily dismiss them. When I do think of others and what they have going on or presented to me, I have varying emotions: from anger to frustration to a slight form sadness. I just don't get some of the people some of the time. I am sure the same has been said of me. I reflect on and I acknowledge my thinking. Again, I don't dwell, I am just open and responsive to my thoughts.

Lastly, I have taken advantage of being myself. This is the most important thing. I have focused on me and being my authentic self — both personally and spiritually. It is imperative that we all do this. Be around those persons who you can let go with. Those ones who you can talk how you feel around and let loose with. Be your genuine self and you will attract the same. With this, it is vital that we not allow others to walk over us or belittle our position. Take charge and don't apologize for it. Let others think what they think. Don't let them break you. Sometimes the very person trying to bring you down, is really masking their own insecurities or fear. Owning our confidence, standing firm in our beliefs, and knowing our worth should be daily practices. They should be inherent in our walk and in our talk. Head up...Shoulders back...Chest out. We got this!

To wrap this up, I want to share that no matter the day, the trial or the situation, but in everything, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your petitions be made known to God.

Until next time...

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Mz Peaches
Mz Peaches
Aug 30, 2022

Kudos on your new certification! I love taking advantage of being myself, something that I am doing currently. Great read!!

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