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Cut It!

It's 2021. We made it! I am grateful. I am looking forward to something different, better, and "phantasmagorical". That's a word my mom would use to describe amazing, unexpected good things. However, you should Google the word for yourself and own understanding.

So, that's that on what I am looking forward to, because what has already happened is down right unbelievable and embarrassing It's atrocious. Yes, embarrassing is one of the words I have chosen to describe the recent events that occurred at our nation's capitol. You've seen the news and the social media posts and heard radio broadcasts. The foolery is real.

Now, I may hit a nerve or two or even hurt some feelings, but guess what? The truth always hits different when it's the real truth.

So you know: I am a black, African-American, Negro woman. I know my history, but I don't know my history. I was born in the United States, just as my mother and her mother and her mother's mother. I have never been to Africa, so if you are one of those persons who think or even utter the phrase "go back to Africa"...... F@*k you! Trick, how can I go back to where I have never been? Make it make sense.

Now that that's out of the way, I will proceed with my original rant:

The despicable, horrid, privileged mob of reckless thugs who stormed the White House are true criminals. I will not compare what they did to any of the protests that occurred because my skinfolk want to be treated equally. I will not compare the rioting or looting (which I do not condone in any way) that took place as a result of people protesting the killing and disparate treatment of black people to the savagery of the fools that vandalized the White House. If you have viewed my most recent Instagram post via @lveishia, you will see a few examples of what this occurrence should be compared to. Check me out, but also follow me @deejuxtaposed.

Keeping this rant going: Isn't it sad that people attacked a government building, the People's House, in an effort to stop the certification of the next presidency? I mean dang! Why? If we had to endure 4 years of bigotry, spewed hatred, incited violence, and insufferable incompetence, then why not give the next person a chance? How much worse can it get? Why destroy property and human life because someone "lost" an election? Barbaric! News reports state 5 people died as a result of this stupidity. Life was lost because of the back-woods, primitive thinking of some whiney ass adults who were following the lead of another adult throwing a tempter tantrum. Again, I say downright embarrassing. We as Americans should be embarrassed and disgusted at what took place on Capitol Hill. (refer to paragraph 4 if you object to me calling myself an American and insert middle finger emoji)

President-elect Joe Biden and Madame Vice President-elect Kamala Harris have every right to a peaceful and seamless transition to office. They won dang it! The people voted. The people stepped up and showed out! The courts have denied all claims of "voter fraud". It's time to move on. They got next!

We are all humans. Our skin may not be of the same shade, but so what? That doesn't make anyone less than the other. I dare you say that you are superior to me because you don't possess melanin. I will look at you and laugh. I absorb the sun. I harness a different power because of the melanin in my skin, but I don't use it to demoralize or take claim to a higher authority than anyone. If anything, you should appreciate it. I am God's child, just as you are. Any and all claims are futile when it comes to superiority. No one is greater than the other. Periodt. And that's on who? Mary Had a Little Lamb. (I had to do it! HAHAHAHAHAHA!) If you don't get it, you just don't get it.

I hope each and every single thug that attended the rallies and had any part in the so-called coup that took place at our nation's capitol are punished to the fullest extent of the law. I hope they all serve jail time and drop the soap! Screw being privileged. Ignorance is ignorance and they all deserve punishment.

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