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Hey, Ladies!

Women are doing great things. We are shattering glass ceilings in different professions, across different stages, and in different nations. We've gone from creating home based businesses in the kitchen and turning them in multi-million dollars companies to becoming Vice- President of the United States! Women are showing up and showing out. (OK, sing it: Sistas are doing it for themselves!)

It's always been a great time to do great things. It's now an even greater time to be a woman. We are no longer asking for opportunities, we are creating them. Women are taking more opportunities because we know our full value. We are no longer afraid of failure, we are taking risks.

I am using "we" because I want every woman to understand women are creators. Women are innovators. We are teachers, providers, nurturers and healers. We all have the strength inside of us to do the greatest things.

As a woman, I encourage you to take advantage of this and every moment. Yes, we are living during a pandemic. Yes, things are changing. Don’t they always? That's why we are here. We are here because of change. Now is as good a time as any to show our resilience and strength, and to show that we run the world. (Hit it: 🎤 Who run the world!?)

I believe God gives us multiple purposes. I have fulfilled some of mine, others I have yet to find. He has equipped us with the passion and the talents we need to thrive, grow, and succeed. I am excited. I am encouraged. I am motivated. I am making new plans and setting new goals. I am finding my next purpose.

It's a new chapter for me. I have new breath in my body. My way of thinking has shifted. My past successes won't compare to what is in my future. I will exceed my own expectations.

I ask that you be patient and support me. I ask that you see me as confident, not arrogant. See me as a woman on a mission, not one who doesn't have time for the you. If I stumble or if I should fall, cheer me on, don't laugh- I'm going to get back up and go even harder. If I ask you for a favor, believe that it will be returned to you. I am not intentionally ignoring anyone either (maybe), that‘s my focus.

Speak life over yourself and your family. Manifest your dreams and your success. Pray purposefully.

Side Note: If you are interested in supportive and adult conversation, comment below and/or email me at I would love to start a bi-weekly or monthly virtual discussion. As I type, I am thinking it could be titled "Women Who Talk" and we could start with a toast and end with toast. Wine optional.😊

Reading Recommendations:

Matthew 7:7

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