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Just Put It Out There

It's been a little over two months since I've posted. I can only blame myself. I've thought of blogging. I've thought of stories and content. However, I didn't make the time necessary to sit down and start typing.

Well, now I am typing. I am going off the cuff. I have loads of rants and thoughts in my head at this moment. It's November 11, 2020. The Presidential election is 'almost' over. I say almost because for some reason there seems to be some ballot counting still goin on. Yea, a HAM! (Hot Ass Mess). Anyway, if we are to go with the numbers and the information that has been presented to us, the United States now has it's first Black Female Vice-President Elect. Yes! Another representation of an educated black woman in the White House. First Lady Michelle Obama, the most educated First Lady in U.S. history and my best friend, was number one.

This representation we are witnessing can and should change the narrative as it relates to the strong black woman. It should serve as a catalyst for black women to step up and show out! No longer should our passion and ambition be seen as agression. No longer should our success and accomplishment be viewed as bougie. No longer should our intelligence and confidence be perceived as arrogance. Kamala Harris, Madame Vice-President Elect, has made history. The Black Woman's History (Herstory) will be written and told with stories full of triumph, perserverance, and resilience. The black woman's story in America will, from this day forward, be a masterpiece- the greatest stories ever told.

This is the time to tell all little Black Girls to stand in their moments and be the light! Our daughters, granddaughters, and neices have more chances and opportunities to be great. Make sure you share with them the importance of standing in their power. Their futures are bright and we have to help them shine. Because this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine!

I do not own the rights to the above photo.

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