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I try to be a mature and responsible adult. I try to mind my own business and stay out of trouble. I do my best to be productive. I also do my best to be supportive of my people. However, lately all of that has become a little hard to do.

We are living in a time where we depend on social media to receive news and daily information. We tend to rely on celebrities and creators and influencers to be our guides. What has happened to thinking for yourself and researching things in order to form a more knowledgeable opinion?

Information is out there. We still have books we can read. We have the internet. But most importantly, we have each other. We have good old fashioned conversation. What's wrong with talking things out? Intelligent conversation always wins.

With the upcoming election, a lot of us are looking to celebrities and social media posts and video snippets to provide insight on who to vote for. A lot of our past voting decisions have been made because a person is "the democrat" or "they black". Well.......

Stop it! Don't be swayed by people wearing kente cloth and singing negro spirituals. Are they really for you? Or, are they camouflaging their ideals in order to hype you up and win your vote, only to destroy you later? The ever so popular "they" have their foots on our necks. Game is being spit and it is being spit hard! Watch out! You might get got.

First, I encourage you to know what is important to you; honesty, leadership, and effectiveness for examples. Know what is important and needed in your community: education, public safety, juvenile outreach programs. Then, know who you are voting for. Start researching the candidates running for any and all positions. From local elections to state to federal. Look at their history. Be selective. Know what positions they've taken on certain issues. Verify their records. See what legislation they have backed and fought for. View their endorsements. Examine the candidate's campaign and who they have on their team. Check out their social media sites and any public information you can find on them. Look into their history and background. Get in their business! Don't settle for mediocrity.

After you've done your research, have conversations with others. Ask questions. Talk about the candidates and what you believe. Get involved. Engage and influence others. People are the most valuable resource.

Most importantly, VOTE! Volunteer to register others to vote. Volunteer to work on a campaign. When it's time, take 2 or 3 car loads of voters to the poll.

After you vote, continue to be engaged. Hold the elected officials accountable. Send letters, emails, and make phone calls. Make them live up to their promises. Attend public meetings or town-halls and debates. Keep the community involved in the politics. Don't be one and done. It's time for accountability. It's time to demand action and have that action met. If politicians can't keep their campaign promises, vote them out next time. Show them you mean business.


P.S. I know who I am not voting for in one major race! Don't mistake my message for tom-foolery.

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