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Sick and Tired

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!" - Fannie Lou Hamer

This quote has been repeated countless times. As a Black American Woman, I repeat it religiously. It's almost a motto. This is not a good thing.

I am learning to not be tired, but to be positive. I am learning to not yield to the narrative that has been written for me by others, but to stand up and be Me. I have often made myself small in the company of others. I have not expressed my opinion or boastfully accepted the praise due to me. No more. I have accomplished a multitude of things that I am proud of. Not bragging. I am humble and I am grateful.

Starting today, you will see me Big! You will see me Bold. You will see me Loud! This is me. I will make an impact. I will be Me in all of my efforts in making said impact. This doesn't mean I will be ratchet and disruptive - maybe a little disruptive in a good way. It means I will own who I am and make my presence known. I won't have the attitude or be the stereotypical 'loud black woman' - I will have attitude though. I will be the passionate and confident woman. I will be the respectful and influential woman. I will be me - resilient, smiling, and growing.

Don't be dismissive of my actions. My intentions are genuine. My intent isn't to be arrogant or stuck on myself. See me as compassionate, real, and doing my damn thang! If you see this as doing too much, too bad. Maybe you are doing too little. It's time for each of us to step up and show out. Step up for ourselves. Show out for our people who need us to be their voice. Step up and show out for those who have yet to discover who they are - young, older, boy, girl, man or woman.

I am getting myself together.

I will see you when I see you. You will see me when you see me.


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