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Where'd this Come From

Roughly 7 years ago, I had the idea to do a blog and/or a vlog. I shared by idea with a couple of coworkers after watching video blogs (vlogs) at work one night. Who remembers Cadillac Kimberly? She was raunchy, informative, and hilarious. Not sure if all of her tea was truth or just colorful entertainment, but it was fun to listen to and watch her. Anyway, I wanted to put my stories out there. I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions about nothing and everything. I consider myself to be somewhat of a good storyteller by genetics. My Grandma Loretta always had a story to tell. And like her, I like words and conversation. I like talking to people and hearing what they have to say. Plus, as I have been told in several "past" relationships, I "think too damn much". So, here I am ready to begin sharing my overthinking with you. Why not put it out there for someone to appreciate? Lol! This blog is No limits. No inhibitions. You will get different variations of me: from Deranecque to Veishia to Bird. Yep, I am starting by sharing my childhood nickname with you.

Get ready. My juxtaposition of conversations and perspectives is about to begin.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

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