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Where's my Waistline?

I am not going to give my clothing size, nor my weight. (Nosey!?!?) But I will share this: I am not liking the numbers associated with my waistline.

At the age of 38, I was still kinda sorta high school skinny. Some people referred to me as such. But one day, I began to gain weight. It came out of nowhere. The buttons on my size 6 pants started to let out a small whimper each time I put them on. The zippers whined. Then, before I knew it, Ms. Muffett was out of the tuffett. I wasn't BIG, but those sixes became comfortable eights. I didn't sweat it. I started working out a little: running 2 miles and getting my sit-ups and crunches in. No problem. I was handling my business. I handled my business up until I was placed on he midnight shift. It wasn't all bad. I could run in the mornings, nap a little, pick up my children and get them settled, and nap again before work. I had my game plan set. NOT! There weren't enough hours in the day to get things done. At least for me there wasn't. So, I did what I could when I could. And when I could turned into "Forget it. I'm tired. I'll get it in tomorrow". Guess what was the first thing to get dropped? You guessed it --- the guy I was dating. The exercise was second. I did not have time for that! I wasn't quite forty, so I figured I'd pick up where I left off before my birthday. Nope! Another misstep. I began to eat to stay awake at work. And I would eat the most unhealthiest foods and snacks. I made it a habit to have a Mountain Dew or Coke every night and coffee (specially made by our shift barista). Sugar and high fructose overload. Throw in the grease + carbs and you get buttons and zippers that now scream for you to stop. You also get a few pieces of pinched belly fat in those zippers. The struggle was real. I could no longer fit my favorite pair of grayish-black, wide leg jeans with the 1.5 inch cuff and tan stitching. I wore them faithfully with a variety different colored tank tops. I loved those jeans. I had to finally get rid of them. And, I had to get rid of my Daisy dukes! Dang it to heck!!!

Anyway, my 40th birthday hit and the circumference of my waistline was close behind. I was no longer in those comfortable size 8's. Size 10 was my new friend. I didn't sweat it. I am tall. I was lean. I had my Ardyss garments to hold it all in. For a while, they worked. Everything was in it's place. I was still a stunner. Fast forward to after 40 (like 2 months after) and I began to lose a little confidence. Now, I could still put on my heels and strut. I could still dress nice and turn heads. However, there were times when I would look in the mirror and question that person. I asked her "who in the hell left the gate open". That heifer told me it wasn't the gate, it was the refrigerator. She got on my nerves with her smart mouth. Anyway, I stopped asking her. I stopped doing a lot of things. Eating wasn't one of them. Push fast forward once more, and I am close to 45. Yes, 45 years old. I am mentally determined to be forty-fine! I simply have to get physically determined. I purchased a spin bike. No, not a Peleton, but an Echelon. It has a wheel, peddles, a seat, and handle bars. Just as good as Peleton. I've used it. I am using it now (there's stuff hanging on it already). I have nearly 8 months to get right and tight. Where's my waistline? Just wait and you will see it....... I will have pictures to create a nice juxtaposition of my current weight and my forty-fine weight.

Echelon Connect

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